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Customer & Employee
Engagement Advisory

First class advisory on optimizing customer and employee engagement processes

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The leading Feedback Management Platform to engage with customers and employees. For actionable insights in real-time.

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Digital transformation & Agile workflows, patient-centric digital marketing. Veeva.

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Customer & Employee Engagement

Employee Experience Map

Foster the company's engagement with its employees, to find out what truly moves them - and take meaningful actions.

Capptoo' method allows you to improve your relationship with your workforce throughout the whole employee lifecycle. We measure current engagement touchpoints and identify additional ones. You retain talents and become more attractive for new experts.


  • Display values, employee retention/recruitment strategies on one map

  • Identify current workforce engagement touchpoints

  • Define the interaction strength of each touchpoint

  • Select the most promising one's - 'signature touchpoints

  • Ideate how to improve all relevant interactions points

  • Identify all future engagement touchpoints / create an action plan

  • Use it as a work/map in process - meet and discuss 'around it'


In-depth analysis of current workforce engagement - design the future Employee Experience Map.

  • Strategy and action plan on Epic level

  • Employee Experience Workshop

  • Employee Experience Map (1.8m x 1.1m)

  • Visualization of areas for optimization

  • Online workforce stakeholder survey/interviews

  • Concept to test, inspect and adapt - Scrum-based

Deep dive in digital user experience, creative web technologies and up-to-date strategies in web and beyond - see our blog

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“During several workshops we created our own individual Employee Experience Maps. We understood that we can easily improve the way we communicate with our workforce but more importantly, that we can use other channels like Snapchat or videos to foster Employee Engagement and motivation.”

Jack Bower

Jack Bower


Head of HR, DSM

10 Top-notch experts

“Their mix of creative force and technical know-how makes the difference. Thanks to this combination, and due to their ability to scale (additional expats) immediately if required, Capptoo works not only fast but is also always spot on in the approaches”

Thorsten Dekker

Thorsten Dekker


Product Owner Optus

10 Outstanding

For 3 years I am now working in a close partnership with Capptoo to support their cutting-edge Customer Experience Platform Screver. I have hardly ever seen a management team that is so driven and committed to provide high quality services to clients and perfectionism to their software stack

Jan Keller

Jan Keller


Program Manager, Google

9 Very recommend

Capptoo supports us with Ideation and Strategic Workshops to identify new ways to market our products; and support us through Agile Coaching to transform our business.

Michal Myszkowski


Data & Digital Lead, Big Pharma

9 Reliable partner


“Companies always strategize how to improve their Customer Experience. Yet, only a few of them succeed in focusing on Employee Engagement and motivation first. As Richard Bransons is convinced - if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”

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Christian Fillinger, Expert & CEO