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Customer & Employee
Engagement Advisory

First class advisory on optimizing customer and employee engagement processes

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Experience Cloud

The leading Feedback Management Platform to engage with customers and employees. For actionable insights in real-time.

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Digital transformation & Agile workflows, patient-centric digital marketing. Veeva.

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Customer & Employee Engagement

Content Factory

Redefine your communication, find new ways to narrate your stories, change the wording and the way you communicate with your employees and customers. Our creative team supports your ideas, uses its specific skills to develop new lines of narration and creates exactly the story you need.

There are a lot of ideas that you and your team have for the development of your company. Communicating them is the hard part. We have skilled copywriters and content managers waiting to push your specific content forward. We also create movies and business narratives customized to your ideation and imagination.


  • Creating fun and informative content for any subject the customers demand

  • Analyse and refine the dramaturgy of your storylines and journeys

  • Scriptwriting customized to the needs of the customer

  • Develop new narratives


Creative services, including full pre and post production of your movies, animations and info-graphics.

  • New narrations born out of clearly defined demands

  • Ideation and production services for customer content

  • New dramaturgy for what need to be communicated

  • Striking imaginary and illustrations

  • Refined communication

Write, communicate and be heard

  • Tell the story

  • Communicate the information

  • Touch the emotions when needed

  • Create a narrative

Deep dive in digital user experience, creative web technologies and up-to-date strategies in web and beyond - see our blog

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“Capptoo created a movie for the presentation of our project. Thanks to them we have received a wide international attention resulting in strong response.”

Petra Hiller


Project Manager, Pharma

10 Top-notch experts

“Their mix of creative force and technical know-how makes the difference. Thanks to this combination, and due to their ability to scale (additional expats) immediately if required, Capptoo works not only fast but is also always spot on in the approaches”

Thorsten Dekker


Product Owner Optus

10 Outstanding

For 3 years I am now working in a close partnership with Capptoo to support their cutting-edge Customer Experience Platform Screver. I have hardly ever seen a management team that is so driven and committed to provide high quality services to clients and perfectionism to their software stack

Jan Keller


Program Manager, Google

9 Very recommend


“It is our vision to make our customers heard. Their stories and products are in focus of our creative force”

Wojtek Klemm — our Expert & Copywriter — is looking forward to discuss your opportunities

Wojtek Klemm